How does AcaRush at UC San Diego work?

A Cappella Recruitment at UC San Diego commences on the night of A Cappella Wants You. During this a cappella extravaganza all eight groups at UCSD will perform 2 songs. Post-concert you will be able to meet with representatives from each group and get a feel of what it’s like to be in an a cappella group! Afterward, sign up for audition slots for as many groups as you want. Auditions are September 27 - October 5. If you are invited, callbacks will take place the weekend after that: Friday, October 6, Saturday, October 7, and Sunday, October 8. Callback times have been exhaustingly coordinated among group so you will NEVER have to worry about missing a callback because of another group’s audition/callback. AUDITIONEES will be notified of acceptance by ALL groups between 6-9 pm on the Monday following callbacks. 

How many people will you be taking? Is it hard to get in?!

Tritones never has a set number of members. We like to average around 14-16 members at once, but in the past we have had as many as 18 at a time, and there will be approximately currently 11 continuing members in the group for the Fall 2017 quarter. Rest assured that if you audition for us, and we feel that you are fully qualified to be in the group, we will take you even if we end up with a larger number of members in a certain section.

With that being said, the stark reality is that earning a spot in any of UC San Diego’s a cappella groups is extremely competitive. Since all groups participate in the same recruitment process, there is no “most selective” group. If a group need more people, they will take more, and vice versa. This is not to say that you have to be a musical genius or be the next American Idol! Everyone should audition, because you never know what we’re looking for in any particular semester!

What song should I choose for my audition?

Please audition with any song that will highlight your capabilities as a soloist. Although we appreciate all genres of music, we do recommend auditioning with a contemporary pop song since this is the style of music that the group performs. If you have trouble choosing an audition song, please reference our YouTube channel for potential song choices.

What makes someone stand out?


Due to the nature of a cappella rush at UCSD, it becomes difficult to put names to faces after a while. However, there are two things that will make you stand out: have fun during your audition and don’t be afraid to PERFORM during your audition! We REALLY want to get to know your voice and personality so if you let us do so you will most definitely stand out :)

Can I audition for more than one group?


Yes, yes, and YES! In fact, we recommend that you audition for every single group that you can possibly audition for-this way you can determine which group is the best fit for you. Since membership in an a cappella group spans a college career, it is of utmost importance that you decide if a group’s “vibe” is right for you.