The Tritones Experience



Tritones is a transformative experience that will provide opportunities not only for rewarding memories, but also for personal growth. Our group maintains an extensive schedule of concerts, gigs, and media appearances that expose our members to a world beyond UC San Diego. Meanwhile, as a social group we always make sure to set aside time for group bonding, retreats, and social events. In essence, Tritones is a home away from home for our group members.

Performance and Innovation

Since our founding in 1996, our motto has been “to encourage participation in the fine arts, to provide innovative entertainment, to support all musical endeavors, to expand the genre of a cappella in the San Diego region.” In line with our principle objectives, we perform regularly throughout the school year and travel all over California to perform, compete, and showcase our alma mater, UC San Diego! Besides putting on quarterly shows on campus, our group performs at schools, offices, country clubs, radio, celebrity show openers, and even on TV! We also host San Diego’s only a cappella festival: BALLROOM, bringing in groups from all over Southern California. As a member of Tritones, there’s always an exciting performance to look forward to, whether it be an on campus gig or on air!

A Fun, Vibrant Family at UCSD

The Tritones are a diverse group of individuals with academic interests scattered throughout the disciplines & extracurricular involvements just as varied; there is NO “stereotypical” Tritone. We also happen to be a fun-loving group - the best way to describe our group dynamic is “modern family.” Although inherently our members are very different, we are united by a common “quirkiness.” When we’re not rehearsing, our members love hanging out with each other and collaborating on creative/academic projects. In order to keep group camaraderie strong, we go on group retreats, throw social events, and keep an informal system of “bigs and littles.” What this means is that right from the day you join Tritones, you will have a strong support system that will help you manage your transition to college life!

Academic and Other Extracurricular Pursuits

Being in Tritones does NOT restrict you from pursuing other extracurricular interests and even more importantly, your academics! In fact, school is always a NUMBER ONE priority for Tritones. We will never require our members to miss anything academically related. Because of this, our members are able to excel in their intellectual pursuits. In the 2013-14 school year, members were represented in or awarded the following academic honors: Regents Scholar, Latin Honors, Phi Beta Kappa, and BioScholars. This, along with our group’s GPA average (>3.2), is a testament to our commitment to academics.

Most of our members also belong to other student organizations and even serve as their officers. In recent years, members have been involved in NCAA sports (Track & Field, Swim), Greek Life (Kappa Kappa Gamma, Pi Beta Phi, TKE, Sigma Alpha Epsilon), Campus Ambassadors program, community service (Camp Kesem), student media (TritonTV), campus ministries (IV, Cru), scholar societies (BioScholars), theater productions (UNPF, FOOSH), and the Muir Musical. Members also work in research labs, serve as Teaching Assistants, and work for internships related to their future career goals.

Bottom Line: Group Commitment

As much as we love to have fun, Tritones is a group that also works hard. This means that we hold an extremely high regard for rehearsal attendance and decorum. The group meets for five to six hours total per week to rehearse on top of weekly performances, which are sometimes in the middle of the day (i.e. during school hours, but classes do come first). We will occasionally schedule an extra rehearsal or two before an important performance. Also, all members share fundraising and administrative opportunities. That makes for a weekly commitment of ten hours or more. However, we promise you that they’ll be the best ten hours of the week!  In order to help streamline individual schedules we require our members to keep an updated calendar so they can balance school, Tritones, and life with ease.